May 8-12, 2012... Back in Beaufort, NC

It is wonderful coming back to places we'd been before. Our last visit to Beaufort was in October 2009. So what's the same and what's different?

Same - we anchored off Radio Island.
Different - hardly any pelicans whereas hundreds were feeding here last time.

Same - surprisingly good restaurant, Aqua, for a small town - worth the stop.
Different - restaurant wasn't crowded - a seasonal thing?

Same - walk out to Piggly Wiggly supermarket to stock up.
Different - no smoking inside the store!

Another big difference this time around was spending time with MV and Shane on Gem, Australian friends we met in the Caribbean. They came to town from Cape Lookout and anchored near us by the beach at Radio Island. Great catching up and hearing about their travels since we last got together in Puerto Rico a year ago, and about their upcoming adventures in New York. They have kayaks too, so we all paddled over to Carrot Island to see the wild horses. Maybe we'll get to NY later this summer and will hang out with them again (MV and Shane, not the horses.)

We were in town during the Beaufort Music Festival so we listened to as many of the bands as we could. Quite a variety of styles. We were really impressed by the skills and enthusiasm of Old Man Markley, a punk bluegrass band. And we got a great aerobic workout dancing to the Phantom Playboys, a rockabilly band. By the second night, we were exhausted, and really sunburnt! So back to Anhinga; we prepared to leave town for points north.

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