September 10-11, 2011... Baños, Ecuador

Our last weekend in Ecuador we drove south to Baños, a town known for its hot springs, thermal pools, and active volcano, Tungurahua.  We stayed high in the mountains at a resort called Luna Runtun, where we would have had a great view of an eruption, if there had been one.  Luckily, the volcano is currently inactive, though the town is on alert as the volcano has spewed gases and rock earlier this year.

The resort is on the edge of a national park and planted with beautiful flowers and trees.  We enjoyed the scenery, which also included great views of Baños below.

Before heading back to Quito we walked through town and visited the waterfalls that fill the natural pools.  On weekends the town is packed with local tourists enjoying the waters, the town squares, and the markets.  As in other parts of the country we saw indigenous people dressed in traditional clothing, not for tourists, but because they maintain their own customs.   A street vendor was having a hard time keeping up with business so we decided to go over and see what she was selling.  Chochos!  We all had some, this bean grown in Ecuador, served with roasted corn, onion, and lime.  Great!


  1. Hardly recognize you guys on dry land and in long pants and jackets! Bet it was great to see the kids and grandkid, and another on the way. Looked like a great trip.


  2. John, We haven't heard from you two for a long time. Are you hunkered down due to weather? How about an update? Bill

  3. Very interesting your review of Banos. I visited the city as well and I loved the relaxing atmosphere but all the activities available for adventurous tourists like me.

    Well done and I am dying to go back to Banos Ecuador again but maybe this time Thailand sounds like a new project for me.

    Lots of love


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