June 15-30, 2011... Anhinga Upgrade

Having returned to St Thomas to have new refrigeration installed, we had some time to wait before going into Crown Bay Marina where the work would get done.  We indulged in some of our favorite pastimes while here; veggie rotis at Jen’s, Saturday morning zumba class at Yacht Haven Grande, and toasting the departing megacruise ships (the Oasis and Allure) with banana daiquiris.  This time, we got some photos of Anhinga at the marina with Allure in the background.  Its always interesting to meet some of the ship passengers to see how they like the experience of being one of 5,000.  Its also one of the best people watching opportunities around.

Getting down to business, Reefco met us at the dock the morning we got to the marina, and work began ripping out the old engine-driven refrigeration.  That took more than a day.  Good thing John was on the job to help yank parts and wires out.  Patti did her bit by disappearing and shopping.  When installation began, John the apprentice was again responsible for contorting himself for hard to reach places and to wire the new systems.  (Patti’s little fingers helped out once with a difficult under-the-cabin sole-snaking job...)  Two-and-a-half days later, Anhinga boasted a spanking new DC refrigerator and freezer.

We spent a little more time in the marina to have some watermaker maintenance done, replace some sea strainer parts, work on the generator, and other assorted jobs.  Finally after 10 days there, we left the marina and headed back out to Long Bay, opposite Charlotte Amalie, to get ready for our journey south.

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  1. Glad you guys got your work done. Now you can get back to having fun. Happy 4th of July!