May 9, 2011... Ensenada Honda, Vieques

This morning we decided to move a couple of miles east to a more protected bay, Ensenada Honda (not to be confused with the more famous Ensenada Honda on Culebra, or the other Ensenada Honda on Puerto Rico...aka Roosevelt Roads. BTW, Ensenada Honda just means Deep Bay.) The weather is supposed to deteriorate this week as a bunch of weather systems collide bringing squalls with winds of 20-30 knots from all directions. And t-storms. So to be on the safe side, we moved in here where the winds are cut in half and there aren't ANY other boats! A little turtle popped up to say hi as we were anchoring. We don't know how long we will be here, but it looks like we will be on our own. We have plenty of food and water, so that's good. And there are any number of coves and creeks for kayak exploration. So we're happy.

Ensenada Honda, Vieques: 18d07.115'N 65d20.626'W

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