April 21-25, 2011... Escape from Crown Bay

We returned from the States on Thursday and were happy to find Anhinga as we left her. We celebrated with Carl and Carrie and dinner at Tickles. Lucky for us, there was a band playing, Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats, and we danced till they were done. Friday, work started on the boat. We repacked the stuffing box, tightened the pillow block, and immediately broke the shift cable. Sheesh! However, thanks to John's perseverance and some adult supervision from Joseph from Crown Bay Marina Boatyard, we were able to replace the cable and get back into working order by Saturday. Sunday was spent re-installing the autopilot hydraulic pump and getting it back online. We couldn't adequately test it at the dock, but our subsequent sail to Culebrita showed us we still have some work to do.

So here are now, Monday at noon, cooling our heels in one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Caribbean. Dolphins welcomed us after our downwind motorsail from St Thomas, and we have already seen half a dozen turtles pop their heads up next to the boat. Very fitting for Bahia de Tortuga, right? We picked up one of the Dept. of Natural Resources' 7 new moorings (new since we were here last year.) Maybe that accounts for more turtle grass and more turtles?

Bahia de Tortuga, Culebrita; 18d19.157'N 65d13.703'W

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