March 17, 2011... Frederiksted

Now seasoned visitors of a whole week here in St. Croix, we decided to try the bus system. VITRAN is only $1 and takes you a long way. So off we go on one of our favorite means of transportation. Destination, Frederiksted. We had been here once before, as cruise ship passengers around 8 years ago. The place now bears no resemblance to that sleepy, broken-down village we had seen then. There is a beautiful park at the end of the cruise ship dock that extends all along the waterfront with a manicured esplanade. And of course shops, restaurants, and other services. Anchorage looks good too -- we'll need to come back here with the boat sometime. We stopped in a coffee shop, walked through the old streets, and got back on the bus to return home to the big city at the end of the day.

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