January 24-28, 2011... Le Robert and Ilet Petite Martinique

Time to provision again. So off the mooring and down the bay to another mooring off Pointe Fort -- about 1/4 mile from the town of Le Robert. Big time wind chop on this huge fetch. Landing the dinghy at the town dock was ok and after asking about 5 different people we figured out where the supermarket was. Walking down the highway to the store was doable. Walking back loaded with groceries in the mid-day heat; not so fun. Luckily for us, Laurent (a former cruiser) stopped his truck and gave us a ride back to the dock. You meet the nicest people when you look the most pitiful, right?

Then off the mooring to anchor in front of Ilet Petite Martinique -- a beautiful mangrove-lined island. We spent 4 nights there, waiting for the weather window to sail to Marie Galante. While waiting, we kayaked the rest of the north coast of Le Robert harbor, completing the 3+ miles from the Atlantic. We found a small creek in the mangroves off Le Robert where we paddled within FEET of the supermarket we shlepped to earlier in the week. If only we had known about this earlier -- we could have paddled for food instead of hoofing it. Lots of egrets and a great blue heron in the mangroves.

The tour boats all swing by Petite Martinique -- somebody rich and/or famous must live in the house on the end of the island -- we never found out who.
Today (Friday) we have repositioned ourselves back at Ilet Duchamp for an early departure to Marie Galante -- an 80-mile voyage. We have really enjoyed our 3 weeks on the east coast of Martinique, where very few cruisers stop. We met nice people, enjoyed the towns, and especially the scenery and the clean, clear water. A bientot, Martinique!
Pointe Fort: 14d40.655'N 60d55.625'W
Ilet Petite Martinique: 14d41.182'N 60d54.676'W

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