December 11, 2010... On Land Escapade...Day 1

Martinique is large and there is so much to see, so we rented a car for 4 days -- the smallest (and cheapest) car we could find -- a Citroen C1 diesel. Cute!

The first day we drove the 45 km to Fort de France. We needed the Jerome Nouel cruising guide to travel the windward side of Martinique and nobody in Marin had it.

 We also wanted tickets to the evening performance of a Cuban dance troupe -- DanseAbierta -- at the Atrium. We got a French-English dictionary and some elementary school books on French. We walked the pedestrian streets and the market and took in the music. Because it is the Christmas shopping season, there were entertainers on the busiest streets, singing carols with a Caribbean beat, in addition to the normal set of street performers, drumming. Very cool.

The evening performance was good, mixing live dance with a video background that sometimes included the dancers -- the live dancers partnered with the video dancers. Sometimes the video was just scenery of Havana -- may be the closest we ever get to Cuba... We were challenged to find the highway out of town at night, but did make it back to Ste. Anne, found parking, the dinghy, and the boat. Late night for us!

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