September 1-7, 2010... Trying New Anchorages

The southern coast of Grenada has several bays, and we decided to try some of them out.  For about 3 days we moved east to Port Egmont, known as the best hurricane hole  on the island.  It has a rather narrow entrance, but once inside there is a large mangrove-lined cove surrounded by hills.  Very beautiful, and while we were there, only one other boat was in the anchorage.  The water was clear and John used the time there well, scraping the bottom.  We also kayaked out of the cove a couple of times to look around; the difference in the wave height and rolliness inside and outside the cove was astonishing. 
We also tried out Mt. Hartman Bay to the west, a fairly calm bay if you are inside the headland on the east coast to get out of the south swell.  The impetus for this move was that Rough Enough, a blues and boogie woogie band, was playing at the Tiki Hut in Prickly Bay.  Anchoring in Mt. Hartman allowed us to walk across the hill to Prickly.  Hartman has a little cruiser society of folks who put down the hook at the beginning of the season and stay for months.  We were welcomed to the bay by two dinghies as soon as we arrived.  Unfortunately, we anchored a little too close to the marina for the comfort of the workboat going back and forth (even though we were about 1000 feet from the entrance) so we were honked on several occasions and generally harassed.  Not wanting to make a big deal of it, the next day we just pulled the anchor and went back to Clarke’s Court Bay, where we were to go into the marina soon anyway in advance of our trip back to the States.  (BTW - we did get to the Tiki Hut and danced all night to the band.  Thanks Stan and Cora!)
Back in Clarke’s Court, we anchored in a different spot... same bay, different view, new perspective.  The excitement while there was yet another opportunity to help out a fellow cruiser.  A boat leaving for Trinidad discovered an oil leak (spraying everywhere in the engine compartment).  Along with a couple of other dinghies we helped push the boat (a 53-foot, heavy cruiser) to the marina where they would be able to take care of the problem.
On 7 September we moved into Clarke’s Court Bay Marina.  Perfect landing... a welcome outcome as it is always a white knuckle exercise to move into a slip.  Sigh of relief from the crew of the Anhinga!
Port Egmont:  +12° 0' 37.08", -61° 43' 25.08"
Mt. Hartman:  +12° 0' 6.84", -61° 45' 4.32"
Clarke’s Court:  +12° 0' 35.22", -61° 44' 15.48"

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