April 13-14, 2010... Puerto Rico Bound

We have no dramatic sea stories to tell about our passage from Samana to Boqueron.  That's the good news.  Nothing broke, we weren't worn out on arrival -- all good.  The weather started out kind of iffy - leaving Samana there were still some squalls and lots of rain out there, lightening too -- but it wasn't really bad and the seas weren't being kicked up too much.  Not too much to do on the overnight passage - not a lot of boats out there.  With dawn, we were heading out over the Hourglass Shoal into the Mona Passage and suddenly our winds went from 0 to 20 where they stayed for a bit - must have been a rainless squall.  Then winds died away to nothing again.  The whole day Wednesday we had no wind and very calm seas.  And the sun was out and hot!  We let our autopilot do the work and we enjoyed the seascape.  That was really a first for us -- usually we are fighting the elements to get where we are going -- this was a pleasure.  By sunset we had the southwestern Puerto Rican shoreline in view and the anchor was down by 10pm.  We were welcomed by an unseen dolphin who we could hear breathing near the boat.  We celebrated our arrival with hot water showers.
Boqueron, Puerto Rico:  +18° 1' 24.12", -67° 10' 51.06"

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