February 14-15, 2010... Southbound

Sunday morning we raised the anchor to leave our atoll and home of the last week. It was high tide, so we got out without too much of a white knuckle experience. And no wind, so we happily puttered south without any wave action. About halfway on our course we exited the Exuma Bank through Galliot Cay to the deeper waters of the Exuma Sound. Still no wind. So we motored on to our destination of the evening, Lee Stocking Island where we had a very peaceful Valentine's Day evening.
Monday we completed our transit to George Town, capital of the Exumas -- the big city. Were we in for a shock. We hadn't seen so many boats anchored anywhere since we left Annapolis. We didn't count, but there were upwards of a couple of hundred boats anchored in Elizabeth Harbor. What we have come to understand is that in March there is a big cruisers' regatta here and boats are already coming in for the festivities. After being welcomed to the harbor by the first dolphins we have seen in weeks, we found a good place to anchor off Sand Dollar Beach on Stocking Island (across the harbor just over a mile from town). We aren't far from 'volleyball beach' where many of the cruiser activities take place -- Camp George Town. Apparently some boaters come here for the whole winter season, staying put till the spring migration north. We are interested to observe (and participate in (?)) this little subculture. The most important thing is that we have officially reached the tropics! The Tropic of Cancer is under a mile from our anchorage beckoning us still further south!!

Lee Stocking Island: +23° 46' 14.76", -76° 6' 46.98"
Stocking Island, George Town: +23° 30' 50.76", -75° 45' 1.98"

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